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OOC info:

Name: Kinoko or Kino
Method of contact: Personal Journal— kinokohitotsu; AIM— pumpkinmushroom ; Email—

IC info:

Character name: Belphegor
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Original canon: Katekyou Hitman Reborn!
Target canon: Black Lagoon
Canon background: Belphegor was born to a royal family, he and his older twin brother Rasiel had been raised as princes. And Belphegor despised his family or perhaps he just didn't care about his parents and it was simply his brother who he hated. So it wasn't surprising when they became rivals. the two began to develop severe distaste for each other, and while it was caused by a stupid fight—the two started 'painting' on each other with their snot—it quickly became serious. They began to physically fight each other, and every fight became more dangerous and violent than the last. Their last weapon of choice, however, were knives.

And soon after, there was a "winner". Belphegor, underhanded as usual, drugged his brother, and stabbed him repeatedly before burying him. When later asked why he did it, he simply said, "I thought he was a cockroach." Sometime soon after that, he was sent to a school that was run for and by the mafia and attracted the attention of another boy there; Xanxus, the son of the ninth Vongola boss simply because of his bloodlust. Quickly, the prince found his way up in the ranks of the Varia, Xanxus' group, earning himself the title of "Prince the Ripper" on the way.

Time passed, and Xanxus became interested in becoming the tenth Vongola boss, but to do that, he had to choose six guardians, and he chose to involve the Varia. Belphegor was his choice for Storm Guardian. The prince fought a boy named Hayato Gokudera for the Storm Ring and, after a grueling fight, won the title. But, mere days later, during Xanxus' battle for the Sky Ring, it was discovered that the Varia intended to cheat and steal all of the rings no matter what the results of the battles were, and they were all disqualified. They were placed under survelance until they left Japan, and returned to Italy. After this, however, very little is known about the group, only that they lost Mammon, their illusionist, to suicide, and that they gained a new illusionist, a man named Fran. Mammon and Belphegor were shown to be much closer than most of the Varia, however, so it's no surprise that the prince shows little appreciation for his friend's replacement (though this might have to do with the way Fran treats him, as well).

Nine years and nine months after the fight for the Vongola rings, the Varia mansion was under siege. Belphegor and Fran were sent out

(need to write more here)

AU background: In a very similar manner as canon, Belphegor was indeed a prince along with his brother and once he got a taste for blood, he abandoned his title, choosing instead to live for the thrill of a kill. It was no surprise that he got himself involved with the mafia. However, it was a surprise when the great murderer, Prince the Ripper, became apart of a group who simply were bounty hunters; seeking out and retrieving items, technology, and yes, even people, for profit. They called themselves the Varia, and they worked with a merciless efficiency that quickly made them a name as one of the most ruthless courier services anywhere—at sea or on land.

They got themselves into a few territorial battles with another mafia family by the name of Vongola, which, while there were a few wins over a couple smaller areas, they ended up loosing over all and working for the family. After almost a decade of working with them with few eventful things, they found themselves the focus of a bloodthirsty attack.

Where Belphegor met his supposedly dead brother and was challenged by him into a fight. Unfortunately for the prince, they were interrupted, leaving him surprised and annoyed. Soon afterward, he asked for some time off, just to go out on a killing spree away from the Varia Headquarters. But he chose to take the last train out that night and didn't bother to look it over for any identifying marks…


Powers: Nothing non-human. He has a very strong battle instinct, smarts, basic firearm knowledge, and the ability to wield throwing knives as a deadly weapon when in tandem with wires.

Personality: Belphegor, is, put simply, spoiled and very smart. Occasionally called the 'number one genius' in the Varia, he's often cool and calculating, seeming to know people's actions and thoughts before even the slightest inkling has made it's way into their mind in battle, and in conversation, it's usually the same way. He's always precise and fairly logical. At the same time, however, his arrogance shows through constantly. In his mind he should get exactly what he wants, when he wants it, "because I'm a prince."

Either way, very few live long enough to doubt his intelligence.

Because, arrogant as the man is, he tends to surprise those he battles with. His weapons are fairly simple by themselves and very easy to underestimate—seeing as they are throwing knives and wires—but combine them together, and you have quite the fearsome pair. And as for the mink? Hmph, it's just a stupid pet until he orders it to throw it's fire around.

If he knows he can win, then he tries to finish up the fight quickly, but if it looks like he's going to loose in a very painful manner, however, then why bother? Run while you still can is his logic. And he adheres to this value to a 't' unless he is cut and starts to bleed.

The sight of his own blood sends Belphegor into a manic and euphoric, state that can only be described as animalistic and childish. He looses all sense of the concept "give up" and his speech patterns become much more child-like, but, at the same time, his battle skills grow an enormous amount. Even though his tactics become ruthless and dangerous, the prince's 'win or die' instinct kicks in, and, well, obviously it's worked up until this point.


Possessions: He has two old fashioned traveling trunks with him. One filled to the brim with at least ten dozen different throwing knives, and yards and yards of razor thin wire, and the other with personal possessions, mostly clothing. However, in the pocket of his uniform jacket, he carries a box with an animatronic mink inside it called Visone Tempesta, something the Varia got as payment for one of their bounty hunting missions. This mink is, essentially, a disguised flamethrower. However instead of 'throwing' flame if something touches its fur, and its wielder wishes it, the thing it touched catches on fire. The box can only be opened and the mink can only function if a ring face is inserted into the box, and Belphegor wears this ring on his middle finger constantly.

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