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Iiiiiiiiicon meeeeeeeme! Taken from Lena! In lieu of an update, because I have absolutely nothing to say to my LJ, ahaha.

If you'd like to do this meme, comment, and I'll pick a few of your own userpics. :Db

ONE Thaaaaaaat would be Vriska and her lusus from MSPA: Homestuck. I sort of alternate between having crushes on Vriska, Terezi and Kanaya, and I feel no need to apologize for that. But yeah, I think it's a cool image of the two of them, sorta makes me think of how intimidated she must have felt.
TWO Ah, Sonja Kinski. My ever-model crush. She's the prettiest fucking girl on the planet, I swear. And she was the face model for Zoey from Left 4 Dead so what can I say?
THREE Everyone needs more raptors in their lives, right? Indeed.
FOUR Scott Pilgrim from the fandom of the same name! This is just how I feel like. 50%+ of the time so. It needed to be added. Plus I like the muted colours, eheeh.
FIVE Mion and Keiichi sharing a nice high-five. In a canon filled with unhappiness and death, I thought this was sweet. And they're kind of my OTP in that series too. PLUS, I needed an. Interactionish icon. For when I think what y'all are doing is awesome opossum.
SIX Left 4 Speed 2. Love that video to bits man. "It has no gas you moron!" My forever unsure/angry Nick face.
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