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  1. Comment on this post if you want to.
  2. On request, I will give you a letter.
  3. Think of 5 fictional characters whose names begin with that letter.
  4. Post their names and your comments on these characters in your LJ.

Well, okay, angelis_ignis gave me A!
  • A (Death Note: Another Note: The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases)-- A plot device, but surprisingly, I've seen fanart of her/him and actually a couple fics too. It's kinda cool, really. They usually portray A as a female, and kinda insane.
  • Alice (Alice in Wonderland)-- KLSDFJD ♥ Win.
  • Allen Walker (D.Gray-Man)-- I like him, he's cute protagonist and I really need to pick up D.Gray-Man again so I have more intelligent comments on him.
  • Aravis (A Horse and His Boy)-- Ah, this character. I love her so very much. Narnia is a good series, I just wish I could read them all in one sitting.
  • Angelina Barnette//Madam Red (Kuroshitsuji)--I remember her making me really, really interested in the series, and then, for a while I was obsessed with writing fic for her

Other than this... not much has been up. Well, no, that's a lie, life's been pretty damn busy, but. Eh, just too much to talk about, and it's all kinda whining, and who wants to hear or read about whining anyway~? ^ ^ So life is good.

How about yours?
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